Administrative practice

How do we work?

Over the past few years our Ghanaian and Danish boards have built a good relationship. Cultural differences are overcome by communicating with each other at an equal level and by respecting each other’s vision.

Founder and co-director of ROFAC is the key figure in the communication between both boards and visits the projects at least twice a year.

The trust and responsibility to manage the projects lies with the local leaders in Ghana. They take the initiative and are supported in the background by the boards with advice and financial assistance.

The Danish board has quarterly board meetings. Both chair and co-director provide our followers and donors with the latest news through daily updates on social media and an annual newsletter.

We like to share our successes and experiences with you. You can find these, along with an overview of our income and expenses, in our annual report. These reports include financial statements with an audit report sponsored by DINERO Read our current financial statement (link coming soon).

Curious about other official documents or previous annual reports or financial statements? Please contact us!