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What do you see when you hear about Ghana, Africa?
ROFAC sees potentials and possibilities, therefore help us invest in Ghana’s future generation, the children!

How can you help?

As a non-profit organization we rely a lot on your support, therefore your support also as a volunteer will be of a great help.

  • Raise funds in your community to support
  • Donate a talent
  • Volunteer as a fieldworker, and meet the children on the streets
  • Volunteer as a teacher
  • Volunteer in an orphange etc.

ROFAC receives 90% for donations via Paypal, you can donate directly via our bank account, ROFAC will receive 100% of your donation.

It costs a little to make a huge difference in the life of a child in Africa. But it is a giant challenge to make permanent and sustainable change in socieities, where poverty and corruption can be overshadowing factors.

ROFACs projects extend far and wide and we are constantly evaluating the measures we take, and continuously try to improve them where necessary. We are in close collaboration with our local partners in Ghana, to establish strong solutions to “self reliance”.

Your support is of crucial importance to our effort to extend our support to the most vulnerable and marginalized groups – street children, orphanages and district/rural schools in Ghana. It does not matter if you are a regular donor or want to support our projects for the first time. We are already helping a lot of children, and with your support, we can help even more.

On this page, you will see our on going projects. Please chose a project to support, and get in touch.

Companies across the world are making commitments to charities and the environment, in the best spirit of being corporate citizens, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

Very often, busy company executives with the right intention to give something back to society; don’t have the time to investigate every possible avenue for corporate philanthropy. Reach Out For A Child foundation (ROFAC) is a secure and effective focus for your corporate donations. The Reach Out For A Child Foundation has the experience on the ground in Ghana that shapes its programs to get the maximum benefit from every DKK, Dollar, Franc or Euro spent. ROFAC supports 10 schools, an orphanage, and has created cutting-edge programs to provide vocational opportunities to disadvantaged girls, boys and teenage street mothers. Not least in importance, volunteers manage the ROFAC Foundation, and when necessary ROFAC raises funds purposely towards administrative costs. This means that every cent of every money your company donates to the ROFAC Foundation goes directly to the programs that help the desperately disadvantaged and underprivileged children and schools in Ghana.

Your commitment entitles you to a place on the Honor Roll of generous supporters, on our website. Your company logo will be displayed in the company of other Corporate Ambassadors on our website, and in all of our promotional literature.

Your company will be invited to attend our committee meetings, and to be honored guests at all of our gala events. Representatives from your company will be invited to join us on field trips to visit the special projects that your financial commitment supports. This is a wonderful way for individuals and small groups from your company to bond with one another, and to bring the message of caring and sharing back to your company after their return. Corporate sponsorships are from Dkk 5.000 per company. Fully tax deductible.

ROFAC tries as much as possible to cover its administrative expenses through partnership or sponsorship agreements. Its is not always possible to cover the expenses this way that is why your donation to cover administrative expenses is also an important part of our work. When you donate to ROFAC, you get to decide to which project you want your donation to cover.

We like to share our challenges, experiences, the success stories, the children, our partners and all our projects with you. Therefore we are open for a presentation. We hold presentations at schools, churches, events, companies and for organizations. We want to tell you why we think you should support ROFAC among all other charity organizations. Please contact Yvonne Pedersen for booking.

Africa is full of potentials and possibilities, and to prove this we need your help. Join ROFAC as a volunteer and support us in promoting our work by raising funds, organizing seminars or by giving a helping hand on the projects in Ghana. Our Programs include: Teaching, Community Development, sports and Physical Education, Computer/IT Training, and Orphanage assistant. Please contact is now and we will help you to the very last bit.

Memberships are very useful and a very important part of our work in ROFAC, as this is what finances our administration expenses both in Ghana and in Denmark.
For our private donors to be able to deduct their donations in tax, we need to be at least 300 members.
Membership fee shows that we have support in the civil society, which is very important for any organization when applying for support from funds.
You can become a member at any time of the year. Membership cost DKK 150 per calender year. So join now or renew your membership if you are already a member.

Become a member of ROFAC

You can become a member at any time of the year. Membership cost DKK 150 per calender year.
So Join now or renew your membership if you are already a member.
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