Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Differences!
Volunteering In Ghana. We deal exclusively with volunteering in the greater Accra region of Ghana. Our work is concentrated in the Ga east district near Madina in Accra Ghana. We want visitors to have a unique experience, learn about the rich Ghanaian culture and to make new friends. We want volunteers to help us develop/rebuild the deprived schools in these areas. You’ll be involved in a variety of activities, such as playtime, basic teaching etc. You can give these children a boost by helping them to learn basic numerical and English skills, drawing, panting, music, football etc. You will help to develop their audio visual skills from young age, and in return you get to enjoy the spirit of a different culture and a different way of life.

You do not need any qualifications, but you should be between 17 – 70 years and should have a good knowledge of the fields you want to teach in, all volunteering efforts are welcome and most of all anyone with good communication skills, patience, independence, initiative, self-reliance and a willingness to share and learn would find this experience very rewarding. Volunteering all year round

You choose your start and finish dates, for a minimum of 2 weeks. If you are planning to participate in a teaching placement, please take the school term dates into account when planning the timing of your project. On the other hand, if a holiday falls during your proposed placement, you could use this time to do any independent travelling and sightseeing. During this trip volunteers will help with renovating, redecorating of schools and helping in teaching etc. Volunteers will also help to educate the children on how to maintain donated items. During mid-day you will be able to relax, help prepare lunch on an open fire, learn to play a local instrument or take part in other activities.

Volunteering Programme

  • Arrival in Accra
  • Visit to all Rofac projects
  • Journey to respective locations
  • Volunteering in respective locations
  • Opportunity to visit local markets
  • Sight seeing
  • End of trip
Accommodation 28 nights€ 200
Food 28days (breakfast, dinner)€ 150
Transportation (bus, taxi)€ 100
Project donation,orientation on arrival,certificate.€ 200
Administration€ 50
Total Cost€ 650

Accomodation: Lodging will be provided for 28 nights.

Food: The food will be of local Ghanaian produce. A menu will be available before departure. Transportation: The main transportation expense will be for the sightseeing.

Project Donation: The project donation (€100) is an essential part of the trip to Ghana. You may wish to organise some fundraising activities to raise this money. Any extra money received would be used specifically for our project costs in Accra- Ghana.

YOUR support matters to us!