Reach Out For A Child – ROFAC is a registered charity in Denmark and unlike most charities, ROFAC is run by volunteers, so virtually every penny we receive goes straight to the schools, children and the communities we support.

ROFAC is recognized in the Danish and Ghanaian civil society through coordinators and volunteers. ROFAC is a small non-government, non- profit, non-political, organization.

Reach Out For a child was founded in 2009 by Yvonne Pedersen. Yvonne came to Denmark in 1997. She visited Ghana two years after moving to Denmark to visit family and friends and to research the cause of poverty and why the streets of Accra are full of children at hours they should be in school or at home with their parents. She meet and heard stories that led to the birth of ROFAC.

“When no one wanted to help Yvonne with the project, she decided to do it on her own, today ROFAC is supported by private donors/ sponsors and organisations”. ROFAC has an elected board and a small office in Aarhus – Denmark and in Accra-Ghana.


We Offer;

In collaboration with our partners, we offer a safe 24 hours, 7 days a week consultation for street children and abused women. For more information about ROFAC or if you wish to support our projects, kindly contact us.